Regional Development

IREAS carried out research and educational projects that dealt with regional, urban and rural issues. The institute examined the public policy impact on regional levels, dealing both with national and international factors. The effectiveness of provision of financial aid and other assistance to less economically developed areas was analyzed. In its rural development projects, IREAS was interested in evaluation of efficiency, outcomes and impacts of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Economic and environmental aspects of the rural development support for the farmers were inspected. Subsidy policies for the fishermen (acquaculture) were analyzed as well. IREAS associates dealt with evaluation of agri-environmental, less favoured areas (LFA) and forestry subsidies. Some project studies examined the EU agricultural cross-compliance conditions, including the issues of agricultural land abandonment, Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition (GAEC), etc. The Institute cooperated with the Czech Ministry of Regional Development, the Czech Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Authorities and other public bodies. IREAS got involved in common projects with research and educational institutions from the United Kingdom, Germany, Slovakia, and other countries.


Petr Fanta

Viktor Květoň

Emil Machálek

Martin Pělucha