Analysis of the EU cohesion policy regional dimension and its new aspects: Relations of new domestic and European documents and their influence on the territorial development and structural funds´ future interventions in the programming period 2014+

Contracting Authority: Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic

Time of relevance: 4–5/2011


Project description: The Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic ordered an analysis focused on the (re)search of current strategic domestic and European documents in the framework of preparation for the new programming period. The main objective of the analysis was to assess the regional dimension of the National Strategic Reference Framework of the Czech Republic and actual trends in the regional policy. The analysis also reflected sectoral policies and their territorial impact. Conclusions of the analysis provided for the Ministry of Regional Development a baseline for the preparation of the new programming period 2014–2020.


Contact person of the project: Martin Pelucha, pelucha (at)