Ex-post evaluation of the HRDP in the Czech Republic for 2004–2006

Contracting Authority: Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

Leader of the consortium: South Bohemia University, Economic Faculty

Partners: IREAS and Ekotoxa

Time of relevance: 7/2008–4/2009


Project description: IREAS participated at the project Ex-post evaluation of the Horizontal Rural Development Plan (HRDP) in the Czech Republic for 2004–2006. The main objective was the comprehensive evaluation of the implementation process and effectiveness of the HRDP’s intervention programme in the Czech Republic during 2004–2006. The aim of the evaluation was to present the ex-post evaluation of the HRDP, as well as to create an appraisal of the programme results, an analysis of its effectiveness, and an evaluation of the results of the individual measures that make up the HRDP. IREAS conducted an evaluation of partial measures, the Early Retirement from Farming, Less Favoured Areas measures and selected horizontal evaluation tasks of the programme. Where appropriate data were not available, they were collected from surveys and interviews, carried out 2008 and 2009 specifically for the ex-post evaluation.


Contact person of the project: Martin Pělucha, pelucha (at) ireas.cz