Introductory analysis for building of the absorption capacity

Contracting Authority: Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic

Time of relevance: 09/2009–10/2009


Project description: The main purpose of the project was to identify problematic
issues of the EU cohesion policy in the Czech Republic which are important for
the successful implementation and building of the absorption capacity. The
absorption capacity of the EU Structural Funds was analyzed in the following
sectors: municipalities, NGOs, private companies (especially SMEs). Financial,
organizational and personnel capacities of institutions have been analyzed
which are accomplishing projects financed by the EU Structural Funds. Specific
attention was paid to the administrative requirements of the EU structural
fund´s and the context of the function of implementation structures. Both the
formal procedures and real impacts have been analyzed.


Contact person of the project: Martin Pělucha, pelucha (at)