Socio-economic, sociological and demographic conditions for maintenance and development of rural areas

Submitter: Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic

Time of Relevance: 7/2004–6/2007


Project description: Research project was addressing the issue of sustainable rural development. The solution of the above mentioned problem was based on research and analysis of the main determinats of socioeconomic, sociological and demographic rural characteristics. Methodology of the problem consisted of two complementary and mutually dependent perspectives (the agricultural one and the rural one). The functional agriculture is a key driver for the rural development and on the other hand without a stable and balanced development in rural areas it is hard to await functional agriculture.


Outputs: It was the main aim of the researchers to offer the results of this research
project to ministries and local authorities, so that they were be used for creating national, regional and local sustainable rural development strategies.


Contact person: Oto Potluka, potluka (at)