Ex-post evaluation of the Czech Rural Development Programme 2007–2013

Contracting Authority: Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

Time of relevance: 2/2016–12/2017


Project description: The project was aimed at the ex-post evaluation of the Czech Rural Development Programme 2007–2013 implementation. The evaluation team of IREAS processed an assessment of the Axis III – Quality of life in rural areas and diversification of the rural economy and Axis IV – LEADER. The evaluation was based on treatment responses to the evaluation questions defined in the European Commission's guides to the ex-post evaluation (i. e. Guidelines for the ex post evaluation of 2007–2013 – Toolbox 2 Set of revised common evaluation questions), and also on specific issues under the intervention program logic. From the partial analyses, there were also processed evaluation questions at the program level linked to the value achieved by impact indicators, including the evaluation of the fulfilment of planned targets for impact. Specific emphasis was also placed on conformity assessment results and impacts of the strategic priorities and objectives of the Community Health Check.


Contact person of the project: Martin Pělucha, pelucha (at) ireas.cz