Financial limits of OP Fishery 2014–2020

Contracting Authority: Ministry Agriculture of the Czech Republic

Time of relevance: 12/2017–12/2019 (Framework agreement)


Project description: The purpose of this project is to ensure the economy of the selected measures/projects subsidized from the 2014–2020 Fisheries Operational Programme in accordance with the valid legislation and a uniform methodological environment for the implementation of the European Structural and Investment Funds, thereby fulfilling the principle of economy, which is one of the principles of sound financial management.


The subject of this project is the realization of three partial deliverables, i. e.:

  • Partial output 1: Review of all existing financial limits/sublimits of eligible expenditures, including verification of the accuracy of setting units of measurement for each limit/sublimit.
  • Partial output 2: Adding financial limits/sub-limits to existing eligible expenditures for which no limit has been set yet. Addition was done only in cases where the setting of financial limits/sublimits was real and expedient.
  • Partial output 3: extension dial eligible expenditure and financial limits of eligible costs of any new eligible expenditure and determine their financial limits/sublimits.


All partial outputs relate to the set of eligible expenditures and financial limits for measures 2.2 Objective a), 2.2 Objective b), 2.4 and 5.3. OP Fishery 2014–2020.


Contact person of the project (IREAS): Martin Pelucha, pelucha (at)