The ongoing evaluation of the OP Fisheries (up to the 31st December 2018) and the analysis of the introduction of financial instruments

Contracting Authority: Ministry Agriculture of the Czech Republic

Time of relevance: 5/2018–3/2019 


Project description: The objective of the ongoing evaluation of the Czech Operational Programme 2014–2020 is to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of OP Fisheries interventions at the level of particular measures and to assess the progress in meeting the program objectives using the data as of 31 December 2018. The results of the evaluation will also serve a base for the extended annual mplementation report of the program for 2018. The partial objective of the evaluation is also to assess the setting of the implementation structure, i.e. whether the set of the system is efficient and effective, from the point of view of all relevant stakeholders.


The objective of the analysis of the introduction of financial instruments is to obtain a sound basis for negotiating future forms of financial support from the European funds for the aquaculture sector in 2020+. Financial instruments in the form of preferential loans or guarantees are not implemented in the OP Fisheries in the 2014–2020 programming period.


Contact person: Martin Pelucha, pelucha (at)