Annual operational evaluation of the Operational Programme Human resources and employment in 2010

Submitter: Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic

Time of Relevance: 09/2010–06/2011

Brief Summary: The main objective of the evaluation project was to evaluate the development of the Operational Programme Human resources and employment (OP HRE) in 2010. Activities of this project started in September 2010 and were completed upon the hand over of the final version of the final report and a well-arranged brochure with the evaluation results in June 2011.


When working on this project, the research team used several different types of methods. Due to the need to verify the input information from multiple sources, multiple analysis processing methods were used – both qualitative and quantitative. The overall methodological approach was based on the evaluation set-up and its division into three key phases:

  • To evaluate the development of the factual progress in the areas of priority axes 1–6 with respect to the originally established objectives and emphasis on qualitative analysis.
  • Following the continuous partial outputs from the processing of the task No. 1 to evaluate with even more complexity the three areas of the programme implementation which can be expected to have the most potential for the development of the programme as a whole and achieving the planned objectives.
  • To evaluate suggested possible topics for the focus of evaluation in 2011.


Contact person of the project: Martin Pělucha, pelucha (at)