Economic Effects of Czech-Polish crossboarder cooperation on SMEs

Submitter: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

Time of Relevance: 5–11/2010

Brief Summary:

The objective of the project is identification of significant economic aspects of Czech-Polish cross-border cooperation for small and medium enterprises, definition of new opportunities and threats of this cooperation. In the frame of this project we will research the influence of finances from EU funds on these enterprises and identify, if and how these finances impact Czech-Polish cross-border cooperation.


The objective will be achieved by:

  • Individual in-depth interviews and questionnaire research within group of representatives of Czech and Polish SME.
  • Workshop where will be invited SME's representatives and also representatives of Czech and Polish Economic chamber, Czech-Polish commercial chamber, representatives of operational program Cross-border cooperation Czech republic – Poland, then university professors and students interested in this topic.
  • Conference which will continue the idea of workshop. Professors from Czech and Polish universities will participate and present their papers. On the conference there will be representatives from other CEE countries, their participation will be funded from other sources.


Contact person: Jiří Louda, louda (at)