Pilot Counterfactual Impact Evaluation of the Operational Programme Human resources and employment, measure 1.1

Submitter: Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic

Time of Relevance: 5/2011–12/2013


Brief Summary: The Operational Programme Human resources and employment (OP HRE) in its measure 1.1 was oriented to business assistance in the field of human resources development. There have been assisted thousands of Czech firms.


The objective of the project was to conduct of a rigorous application of counterfactual impact evaluation (CIE) to answer the following questions: What was the actual causal effect/impact of the intervention on assisted projects from OP HRE 1.1 in comparison with the counterfactual situation without the intervention? What was the effect/impact on the competitiveness of companies (e. g.: growth in sales and profit), business investments in employee training, staff turnover, business growth expressed as newly created jobs.Are there any significant differences in effect on some groups of supported enterprises? If so, what?What is the mechanism of effect of the call on supported company? Why intervention is (not) work?


The project was not only about implementation of the counterfactual analysis, but also about processing this pilot evaluation as a case study for evaluation community in the Czech Republic. Then, it helped to identify areas of intervention of EU funds suitable for application of the CIE in the Czech Republic.



The main outputs of the project are (active links provide more detailed information):

  • Workshop on methodology and design of the evaluation;
  • The inception report;
  • Workshop on the approach of data collection;
  • The first interim report Annex n. 1;
  • Progress Report No. 1;
  • Workshop on the first interim report;
  • Paper on an evaluation (in English);
  • The second interim report;
  • Workshop on the second interim report;
  • The final report;
  • Workshop before the final report;
  • Paper on an evaluation (in English);
  • Interim reports about the progress of the project (Flash Reports);
  • Lecture of Alberto Martini (Prova) on the topic of CIE at University of Economics in Prague (invitation, introduction, lecture).


For more information please contat Oto Potluka, potluka (at) ireas.cz