E-learning – support of high school education in areas of environment and sustainable development, business skills and project management

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Project owner: Ministry of Education Youth and Sports, The Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme (ECOP)

Duration: 9/2010–4/2013


Description and goals: This project was based on demands placed on secondary schools as a consequence of new educational programs (especially in the area of environmental education and sustainable development) and requirement for development of key and professional competences and qualification of secondary school students for a better chance in the job market (business skills and project management). In the project, partner schools of the applicant participated (European Business School in Děčín, Economic and Business Secondary School SPEKTRUM, s. r. o., Secondary Technical School in Mladá Boleslav and other schools from Central Bohemia Region, Liberec Region and the Usti nad Labem Region). Goal of the project was to create an e-learning website with three modules:

  • environment and sustainable development,
  • business skills,
  • project management.


These learning modules supported and improved education at secondary schools. Content of these modules were interactive materials for studying along with interactive e-learning teaching aids for topics of different subjects taught at secondary schools. Creation of educational materials was conducted using experience and help of teachers from the participating schools and also teachers from other schools with an interest in including learning modules into their teaching. The following step was to provide an e-learning website to all secondary schools that would have an interest in using it. All materials and modules were tried out at participating secondary schools.


Outcome: Outcome of the project was an e-learning website with modules mentioned above in the form of an interactive and practical materials source for teaching of various subjects at secondary schools.


Contact person of the project: Libor Pacovsky, pacovsky (at) ireas.cz