CAN syndrome and competence of school staff

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Project owner: Central Bohemia Region, The Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme (ECOP)

Duration: 4/2013–12/2014


Description and goals: Teaching and every work connected to the profession of a teacher is one of the most demanding and meritorious job. A good teacher must also be part psychologist to notice changes in children's behavior. A regular teacher doesn't have time to watch noticeable or subtle changes in every child and even less time to talk about it. But this is also part of the job, that's why we came up with a course which:

  • helped to detect CAN syndrome (Child Abuse and Neglect) and to orient oneself in children's behavior changes according to normal development,
  • offered rough working procedure in the case of CAN syndrome suspicion through theory and communication practice in exemplary situations and their solutions,
  • advised how to communicate with parents or caring person,
  • advised how to communicate with class in case of suspicion of CAN syndrome or its proving,
  • explained competences of a teacher,
  • explained principles of mandatory reporting.


The project (reg. no. CZ.1.07/1.3.48/02.0009) offered expansion of further education for pedagogical staff for nursery and primary schools in the Central Bohemia Region. Pedagogical staff (PS) had an opportunity to deepen their knowledge in various educational areas or methods. But work with CAN syndrome is not widely promoted. That's why we offered to PS this course which helped them to understand CAN syndrome and different issues connected to it and to clarified their competences in case of occurrence in class. The course was divided into distance learning part (e-learning) and attendance part (two days practice of communication with child and analysis of case studies). Another activity was in the form of supervision meetings for PS, which had supporting and reflecting effect on the work of PS with CAN syndrome. The whole project was guaranteed by Mgr. Klára Šimáčková Laurenčíková, former deputy of the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports and head of the department of social and law protection of children at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic. At the beginning, the project applied for accreditation as a further education for pedagogical staff and it was approved. Participants who finished the course attended two supervision meetings led by a supervisor and supervisor-psychologist. The partner of the project was the Jan Amos Komensky University.


Contact person of the project: Radka Dydnanska, dydnanska (at)