Supporting learners with specific learning disabilities by exercises

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Contracting authority: City of Prague, Operational Programme Prague – Adaptability

Duration: 04/2014–06/2015


Description and goals: The project was focused on the prevention of specific learning disabilities in the early school period and to support pupils with specific learning disability. This reflects the main objective of the project which was the inclusion of pupils with special educational needs into educational system. The project has prepared the educational program for the development of perceptual and cognitive functions. Exercises has been focused on areas of partial deficits (visual perception, auditory perception, and right-left orientation, spatial perception, intermodality, seriality, working memory, sequence, concentration, attention, vocabulary). The educational program has been developed in electronic format with interactive elements (video, flash and animation). The utilization of educational program has been realized by teaching staff who implement pupils with special educational needs into the mainstream classroom.


The project partner was the Jan Amos Komensky University Prague and Pedagogical and psychological center for Prague.


Contact person: Libor Pacovsky, pacovsky (at)