Promoting health in pre-school education

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Contracting authority: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness

Duration: 06/2014–06/2015


Description and goals: The project was focused on the health promotion in pre-school education. This was achieved by increasing number of lectors with knowledge of School for health program and realization of domestic and foreign internships for transfer experiences. School for health program presents the strategy for development, prevention and health quality in kindergartens. Teachers for position "Lector – Methodist of health support" have completed several seminars of School for health program. Furthermore, the project have involved lectors' preparation through realization of examples of good practice in work with children. It has presented principles and fundamentals of kindergarten for health.


The main goal of the project has been en enhancement of lector capabilities in kindergartens to promote Program School for health. Additional goal has been to create prerequisites for health support in pre-school education.


The project partner was National Institute of Public Health – Centre for Public Health Promotion. National Institute of Public Health as responsible subject for implementation of WHO program Schools for Health in Czech Republic.


Contact person: Libor Pacovsky, pacovsky (at)