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Contracting authority: International Visegrad Fund

Duration: 2/2016–1/2017


Description and goals: BrainFactory was intended to support – through seminars and workshops – the exchange and further development of approaches and practices of partners to help innovative ideas to surface and to progress as far as market realisation. It also launched an international idea concept and a supporting web-platform, which should bear the fruit of shared knowledge of the partnership and act as a proof of concept providing seeds that the services of partners can bring to bloom.


The project consortia was formed by international partners. Lead partner is INNOVA Észak-Alföld Regionális Fejlesztési és Innovációs Ügynökség (Hungary) and other other partners Agentúra regionálneho rozvoja PSK (Slovakia) and Uniwersytet Medyczny w Lodzi (Poland).


Contact person: Petr Fanta, fanta (at)