Building capacities and professionalization of IREAS, o. p. s.

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Contracting Authority: Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic, Operational Programme Employment

Duration: 7/2016–6/2018


Description and goals: The project with reg. no. CZ.03.3.48/0.0/0.0/15_031/0002097 is focused on the professionalization of the team and of the organization IREAS, Institute for Structural Policy, a NGO itself through expert consultancy and education in the following areas of expertise: strategy, finance and fundraising, development of human resources, public relations, quality of products and services.


Thanks to this support the employees will be able to create products and services of a higher quality in the field of social inclusion and provide education on this topic.


Contact person: Klára Kováčová, kovacova (at)