I belong among others – development of literacies a useful skills in students from children's homes

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Contracting authority: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, Operational Programme Research, Development and Education

Duration: 10/2016–9/2019


Description and goals: The project with reg. no. CZ.02.3.61/0.0/0.0/16_012/0000605 is focused on children with social and culture deficits and children threatened by prematurely leaving compulsory education. The goal of the project is to increase the personal satisfaction of involved children through extracuricular activities and positively influence their self efficacy and through increasing their social sense of belonging within a majority. This will help ease their integration among intact children.


In this project we want to focus on how to show these children the positive effects of education and give them the support and tools to implement their own goals that were not given in their family. We see the innovative solution in connection with regular schools and children's homes in activities where students from different groups will meet in an open space to find their own motivation and approach to the subjects (reading, math, personal development). In these activities, emphasis will be on developing language skills of involved children that we see as the main cause of their failure in education.


It is fundamental and necessary to work with language skills and the personality of students that our project will link and provide them with comprehensive support that will lead to change in their approach, or at least encourage them to think and reflect on themselves, their attitudes and opinions. Lecturers will be united in their methods and students will be exposed to regular compact influence in various fields. Such complex care will not be built on factual knowledge, but on the process of learning and personal development will a lead to the development of metacognition in the target group and thus to change their attitude towards education as well as their own abilities and their future role in society.


Finally, we see a new way in opening children's homes to children outside the home that will enable participation in activities with other children. Information will be mediated by participating schools, NGOs and other actors in the field of social services in the area.


Contact person: Klára Kováčová, kovacova (at) ireas.cz