Development of colleague support among teachers using internal mentoring

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 Contracting authority: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, Operational Programme Research, Development and Education 

Duration: 1/2017–12/2020


Description and goals: The project of reg. no. CZ.02.3.68 /0.0/0.0/16_010/0000537 aims to introduce and expand peer support and mentoring using an internal systemic approach to education in the Czech Republic through facilitated workshops with subsequent supervision, preparation of internal mentors, and organization of a dissemination conference.


Peer support will be implemented at 12 schools, the workshops will be attended by at least 120 teachers. The project also includes the preparation of 18 internal mentors at 9 schools. In 2018, a dissemination conference on peer support and mentoring using a systemic approach at schools will be organized.


In 2017, the project involves the following schools:


For further information, or if you want to join the project, you can contact the project manager Petr Fanta at Fanta (at)