Assessment of impacts of environmental and energy regulation with respect to competitiveness of Czech industry after 2020 – section IPPC impact analysis

Submitter: Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic

Time of Relevance: 1–3/2013


Project description: The study quantified costs that individual businesses and industry sectors will have to expend in the following decade in order to comply with requirements of the Industrial Emissions Directive (2010/75/EU), particularly its section that has been transposed into the Czech legal system as an amendment to the Act on Integrated Prevention and Pollution Reduction, the Integrated Pollution Register and on amendment to certain acts.


Conclusions: The costs were estimated at CZK 112 billion in 2010-2020. The biggest impacts are expected (in the order of enumeration) in the electrical energy sector (NACE 35), the chemical industry (NACE 20), the metallurgical industry (NACE 24), and coke and petroleum production (NACE 19).


Application of results: The outcomes were used by the Confederation of Industry in its communication with policymakers on the economic burden arising from environmental regulation.


Contact person: Ondřej Vojáček, vojacek (at), Jan Macháč, machac (at)