Production and distribution balances for selected wastes in conjunction with proposition of instrument’s mix to the prevention of rise material utilization of wastes

Submitter: Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic

Duration: 7/2004–12/2005


Project description: To support prevention and waste recovery, it is important to propose appropriate instruments, or an appropriate mix of instruments that ensure achievement of set goals with minimal costs and maximal effect. In relation to the proposal of the mix of instruments the entire structure of waste management should be, however, first analyzed in order to identify the fundamental composition – each individual element and its role in the system, their relations and flows, whether material of financial. The proposed instrumental mix, then have to conform not only to the set waste management sector, but it has to be assessed regarding selected impacts throughout the entire national economy and effects of other policies.


Based on the analysis of individual waste streams (also by using the model of production and sales balances), the aim of the project was to identify instruments that should contribute to solution of defined problems (particularly with regard to support of waste recovery). Within the solution the following consecutive steps were implemented:

– phase 1: structural analysis of waste management,

– phase 2: models of production and sales balances of waste management system for selected waste streams – waste from agriculture, waste from mining and quarrying, waste of energy, waste from construction, municipal waste,

– phase 3: analysis of the economic, administrative and other instruments,

– phase 4: evaluation of options of instrumental mix in terms of environmental, social and economic impacts on individual target groups of waste management,

– phase 5: formulation of conclusions and recommendations.


Contact person: Jan Slavík, slavik (at)