Renewal of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Beskids region

Contracting Authority: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic

Time of relevance: 2018–2020


Project description: The project responds to the current threats to the biodiversity of forest ecosystems in the Beskids region as a result of ongoing climate change. To mitigate the impacts of the climate change during 21st century the project aims to deliver system tools that increase the effectiveness of biodiversity conservation and regeneration and promote sustainable ecosystem services. Three key outputs – system tools – resulting from the synthesis of project activities include: I) Strategic "Adaptation plan of the Beskids forests" prepared in a close cooperation with local actors, II) Interactive web-map application "Beskids Forests and the Climate Change", III) Pilot project of the even-aged spruce forest conversion toward the nature close diverse forest.


Contact person: Martin Špaček, spacek (at)