Jan Macháč

Jan Macháč works as a manager or aco-investigator of several research projects. He graduated with a Master's degree in Environmental Economics at the University of Economics in Prague, where he currently continues his Ph.D. studies. He mainly deals with the economics of water, regulatory impact assessment, cost benefit analysis, cost effectiveness analysis and with valuation of various measures relating to environments in the environment economics and policy. Within the water economy he focuses, among other areas, on the fulfilment of the requirements of the Water Framework Directive and on optimization of measures for meeting the requirements of this Directive in the different water bodies. In the area of regulatory impact assessments Jan specializes in the RIA process in the adoption of new legislation and the (dis)proportional assessment of new legislation. In the area of air he assesses the impact of various measures on energy prices. It is co-author of several papers, studies and conference papers.