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April 3, 2020

About Water and Climate Change playfully – endless inspiration for teachers at primary schools

In March, we informed about the work of our colleagues on the Czech portal adam.cz. In today’s world, where the topics of drought and water management are getting more and more burdensome, in many countries there is still a lack of active citizen involvement concerning the issues of water resources. Therefore, a significant change in society’s behaviour is needed and updated and effective education about water management on all levels may contribute to this change. Even though the curricula at primary schools deal with environmental education topics, there is not enough information about water management. This is the reason we’ve created a practical guide for teachers which contains up-to-date information for each student’s level and different kinds of activities contributing to interactive and practical teaching. The guide can be downloaded for free in English, Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian. We’ve managed to extend the educational material Water Agent V 003 via arising project      Wat.Edu (Water Education for Innovative Environmental Learning).