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The language, the way to successful access to life for everybody
CDC model for school practice
Water Agent V 003: Environmental education of pupils in the field of water management


Financial limits of OP Fishery 2014–2020
Smart information, governance and business innovations for sustainable supply and payment mechanisms for forest ecosystem services (InnoForESt)
Assessment of environmental impact of agri-environment-climate measures using the concept of public goods
Vyhodnocení výsledků realizace Regionální inovační strategie Jihomoravského kraje za období 2003–2016


Endorsement of comprehensive, executive and practical teaching in gastronomy
Impact assessment of the newly prepared/adopted legislation in the field of Water Supply and Sewerage on household income
I belong among others – development of literacies a useful skills in students from children's homes
Building Capacities and Professionalization of IREAS
Ex-post evaluation of the Czech Rural Development Programme 2007–2013


Evaluation of the impacts of the area of support 1.1 of the Operational Programme Human Resources and Employment applying qualitative methods


Podpora žáků s SPU prostřednictvím nápravých cvičení v e-formě


Evaluation of the social and inclusive entrepreneurship support in the Operational programme of Human resources and employment
CAN syndrome and competence of school staff
New knowledge of CAN syndrome and interdisciplinary cooperation
Ongoing evaluation of the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation


Analysis of the current state and prognosis of the Czech Republic´s aquaculture development in the period 2014–2020 in the context of the EU´s Common Fisheries Policy with the vision till 2024
English language, motivation for education and individual coaching to equal opportunities


Environmental education – interesting for students and easy for teachers
Language – the way to equal opportunities


The Young Entrepreneur
Development of skills and knowledge of high school teachers of Pilsen region in social sciences and sustainable development


Analysis measure 2.3. Fishery of the Rural Development and Multifunctional Agriculture Operational Programme
CAN syndrome prevention