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Evaluation of results of implementation of Regional innovative strategy of South Moravian Region for 2003-2016

Solution period: 07/13/2017 - 04/06/2018
Contract authority: Technologické centrum AV ČR
Realizator: IREAS centrum
Contact: Viktor Květoň (kveton@ireas.cz)

Cultivating a regional innovation ecosystem is a prerequisite for a competitive region. The IREAS team evaluated long-term efforts to develop RIS and identified key benefits, effects and impacts.

The objective of the evaluation of the Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS) of the South Moravian Region (JMK) was to consolidate quantitative and qualitative information on both financial and non-financial resources allocated to the implementation of RIS JMK activities, outputs of implemented activities and changes made at the level of individual entities. The main purpose of the RIS JMK evaluation was to evaluate the results and benefits of the RIS activities carried out for the whole economy, and in particular the region's innovation ecosystem, as well as the functioning of the network of actors of this ecosystem. For the correct understanding and identification of outputs, results and impacts, implementation of RIS JMK including its tools, programmes and projects was evaluated both in the context of the specific innovation ecosystem of the South Moravian Region and in relation to the socio-economic development of the whole of the Czech Republic.

Conclusions of the project:

The outputs of the evaluation serve both as an ex-post evaluation of the RIS JMK and as one of the tools for revision of the strategy for the next period.

Project team: Viktor Květoň, Martin Pělucha, Petr Fanta, Jan Lehejček