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Public Administration Environmentalist

Solution period: 04/03/2006 - 01/31/2008
Contract authority: Krajský úřad Středočeského kraje
Coordinator: IREAS, Institute for structural policy
Registration number: CZ.04.1.03/
Contact: Jitka Šeflová (seflova@ireas.cz)

Educated public administration employees are a prerequisite for good environmental management. By implementing the project, we helped public administration employees to deepen their environmental knowledge, to learn how to solve everyday problems in the area and to search for quality information. For this purpose, we used a distance learning programme that combines the benefits of full-time education and e-learning and published and expanded an Environmental Protection Guide for Public Administration.

Conclusions of the project:

The main output of the project was the creation of a learning programme for public administration employees in the field of environment and their retraining. Due to the workload of public administration employees, a combined form of education was used, combining the benefits of e-learning and full-time education. A significant part of the training took place in the form of e-learning with the possibility of constant contact with the tutor (e-mail, Skype). Two attendance meetings, so-called tutorials, where the tutors met the participants, were also part of the training. The tutorials made it possible for participants to meet in person, and thus contributed to better contact establishment and collective problem solving.

The project outcomes also included a book based on the results of the training implemented.


VLČKOVÁ, Jitka (ed.). Průvodce ochranou životního prostředí pro veřejnou správu. Praha: IREAS, 2008. 416 s. ISBN 978-80-86684-49.  (download pdf in czech)

Research team: Jitka Šeflová