We work on a project and innovation base. We put together the best experts from universities, research organisations and the public and private spheres.

Our team Evaluation and regional policy



doc. Ing. Martin Pělucha, Ph.D.


Martin focuses on evaluating public spending programmes for regional and rural policy. He has been with us since 2003 and has coordinated research teams in a number of evaluations of operational programmes financed from EU funds. In addition, he is also a lecturer and researcher in regional studies at the Faculty of Economics, University of Economics, Prague. He is a national ambassador of the Regional Studies Association and a member of the Czech Evaluation Society.


RNDr. Viktor Květoň, Ph.D.


Viktor's professional focus is on evaluating the business and innovation environment and competitiveness of regions. You can turn to him for regional impact analyses of public spending programmes as well as individual projects and analyses of innovation potential. He also works as a researcher at the Charles University.


Ing. Martin Špaček, Ph.D.


Martin is involved in the field of evaluation and assessment of public spending programmes. He also enjoys research projects focused on integrated approaches to decision-making at both regional and local levels and social innovation in relation to regional development. He is not afraid of involvement in projects dealing with systems of payments for ecosystem services. He has been operating in IREAS since 2009 and has successfully solved a number of commercial and research projects.


Ing. Petr Fanta, Ph.D.


Petr focuses on evaluation of public spending programmes. He has been with us since 2003 and has successfully written and managed dozens of projects. You can turn to him for evaluation, project management and education. He also works as a project management lecturer in the MBA scheme and in commercial courses.

Project assistants


Alžběta Katonová

As a project assistant, Alžběta processes documents and completes evaluation reports. She is actively involved in writing case studies as part of projects. In relation to her biology studies, she contributes to various environmental activities. She is also skilled at organizing events such as the workshop as part of the Pan-European Horizon 2020 project.