We work on a project and innovation base. We put together the best experts from universities, research organisations and the public and private spheres.

Economics and environmental policy
"Nature protection is not free of charge and we know it!"

Our focus

  • We specialize in economic and social aspects of nature and air protection, energy generation and consumption, water and waste management and adaptation to climate change.
  • We assess impacts of legislation at the CR and EU levels and negotiate transposition of European legislation into Czech law.
  • We apply practically latest findings from the international academic environment in the Czech Republic.

Our achievements

  • Our studies have been key sources of background information for new legislation (e.g., MCP Directive EU 2015/2193).
  • Our experts have been involved in numerous international and national project (e.g., Horizon 2020, COST, TACR,
    CSF, etc.).
  • We are trusted by many clients, who turn to us on a regular basis.

We do projects and commissions for

  • For public administration (MoE, MoIT, MoA, regions, municipalities).
  • For the private sector (companies and industry associations).