We work on a project and innovation base. We put together the best experts from universities, research organisations and the public and private spheres.



Self-confidence, stress reduction, healthy communication, boundary setting, work with diverse classes: you can cultivate all that in our courses! Or do you prefer inspiration for teaching? Then use our material for classroom work. We focus on cross-section topics. Specifically, on personality and social growth and environmental education. We trust teachers and wish to support them in the long run.

Our experience

Are you a school or a children’s home? Do you wish to help your children grow in out-of-school and practical skills? Make use of our current project offering (see section Professional experience below); alternatively, we can tailor a course for your children/pupils. For secondary schools and children’s homes, we offer skill development in areas such as gastronomy under the support of the Association of Cooks and Confectioners, and other professional organisations as well. We have experience in children’s homes of remedial lessons, language classes, mathematical and reading literacy and personality growth. Better overview of the world and the necessary changes to it is provided by our interactive courses focused on the environment with elements of critical thinking. We also have a wide offering of excursions and block seminars.

We will help you complete your schooling and introduce you to novelties. Intelligibly and using concrete examples. We offer courses and workshops for self-government and public administration representatives on the following topics:

  • evalution methods,
  • economic instruments in the area of environmental protection,
  • water and floods,
  • waste management,
  • energy systems and air protection,
  • nature and ecosystem services.

For each topic, we provide professional trainers with experience of both practice and domestic and international scientific projects. You can see a selection of training implemented to date in References below.