The Institute for Structural Policy, IREAS, is a nonprofit organization, formed as a project based platform of academic and policy experts. IREAS was established in 2001 with the aim of initiating and coordinating the cooperation of experts and institutions in research and its practical application into EU policies, particularly environmental and structural policies. IREAS is aimed at interdisciplinary work based on the previous research experience of its members from the Economic University in Prague, the Charles University, the Czech University of Life Sciences and the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava. IREAS is characterized by dynamic and flexible teams of experts from different universities and other academic institutions, policy experts, from public administration and private enterprises.


IREAS's expert studies and project outputs deal with various social issues primarily from the economic, political and environmental perspectives. IREAS research teams evaluate the efficiency of public expenses, economic aspects of environmental protection, as well as environmental limits of economic development. Among the areas of research are regional and rural development, water and waste management, disadvantaged social groups, energy and air protection, agriculture and nature conservation, brownfields, etc. IREAS also investigates the potential for public-private participation, market-based incentives, and the development of the NGO sector in the Czech Republic. IREAS has a strong background in designing and organizing educational programs, conferences and seminars for public service employees, NGOs and the general public.