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Analysis of the current state and prognosis of the Czech Republic´s aquaculture development in the period 2014–2020 in the context of the EU´s Common Fisheries Policy with the vision till 2024

Solution period: 05/01/2012 – 04/30/2013
Contract authority: Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic
Realizator: IREAS centrum
Contact: Martin Pělucha (pelucha@ireas.cz)

The aquaculture sector in the Czech Republic is supported by the EU. To define the support to specific activities, it is necessary to have a well-planned strategy for what is to be achieved within a defined time horizon. Therefore, the project focused on an analysis and a basis for this strategy.

The project focused on the elaboration of two key strategic national documents for the Czech Republic (CR) for the period 2014–2020:

(i) Multi-annual National Strategic Plan for Aquaculture and

(ii) Theses on the Operational Programme 2014–2020: Aquaculture in the Czech Republic.

The Multi-annual National Strategic Plan for Aquaculture, as a key national strategy, embodied the concept of the Ministry of Agriculture of the CR in the fisheries sector until 2024. The purpose of the strategy was to establish conditions for the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) in the CR. The document was developed after consulting partners in the fisheries sector and academic experts. The Multi-annual National Strategic Plan for Aquaculture will be subject to dialogue with relevant bodies of the European Commission. The key objective of the Multi-annual National Strategic Plan for Aquaculture was to define the needs and national goals in aquaculture during the preparation for the future programming period 2014–2020. The Multi-annual National Strategic Plan for Aquaculture contained an analysis of the current state, taking into account the history of the fisheries sector in the CR and reflecting important changes resulting from the CR’s accession to the European Union.

Conclusions of the project:

On the basis of these initial analyses, a qualified forecast for the further development was formulated for two time periods, i.e., a medium-term outlook for 2014–2020 and a long-term outlook until 2024. A set of fundamental strategic recommendations was developed in accordance with the sectoral analysis and forecast, considering the bases and principles of the reformed EU CFP. The strategy provided a basis for the preparation of theses on the Operational Programme for Fisheries 2014–2020, defining specific conditions for mobilising the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.


Multiannual national strategic plan for aquaculturue  (download pdf in Czech)

Research team: Martin Pělucha (coordinator) and other experts: prof. Jan Kouřil, Emil Machálek, Viktor Květoň, Václav Šilhavý