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Assessment of achievability of permanent limits on wastewater discharge into surface waters and their cost proportionality. IWTP and MWTP Roztoky

Solution period: 11/30/2020 – 03/31/2021
Contract authority: Veolia Česká republika, a. s.
Contact: Jan Macháč (machac@ireas.cz)

Wastewater treatment is not a cheap matter; some waste products require advanced technologies to reduce. What technologies still pay off and what can be regarded as disproportionately costly?

Renovation of the industrial wastewater treatment plant in Roztoky included discussion of setting the limits for wastewater discharge, i.e., the concentrations of some substances that are discharged into the watercourse after the treatment.

The objective of the study was to assess the cost proportionality of technically achievable solutions in light of different settings of limits on the wastewater discharge. Attention was focused on inert COD. Based on an assessment of different options regarding environmental impacts, compliance with the limits and costs of achieving them, followed by a comparison of the potential options, we identified the cost-proportionate option and a ranking of the different options. The cost proportionality assessment procedure is based on a methodology for awarding exemptions from application of emission limits associated with best available techniques.

Researcher in charge: Jan Macháč, Jan Brabec, Marek Hekrle