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Education for public administration employees and other entities implementing the state programme of environmental education and education in the field of flood protection and prevention in Prague

Solution period: 08/01/2006 – 01/31/2008
Contract authority: Magistrate of the City of Prague
Partner: The Institute for Environmental Policy
Registration number: CZ.04.3.07/
Contact: Lenka Slavíková (slavikova@ireas.cz)

Training and environmental education for public administration employees is an integral part of flood protection and prevention. Based on interviews with the target group, training was focused on current problematic areas.

The goal of the educational project was to train public administration staff and other subjects implementing the state programme of environmental education and education in the area of flood protection and prevention in Prague; nevertheless, significant multiplier effects for urbanized areas can be expected across the whole of the Czech Republic.

Based on questionnaire surveys and interviews with representatives of the target groups, the following areas were identified as the main problematic areas for subsequent education in the field of flood protection: human life protection, minimization of economic damage, finding compromises between protection or restoration of close-to-nature habitats, and implementation of technically oriented flood protection measures (also focusing on activating the communication potential between citizens’ initiatives and public administration at the level of territorial self-governments).

Projects outputs also include a publication.


SLAVÍKOVÁ, L. a kol. Ochrana před povodněmi v urbanizovaných územích, Praha: IREAS, 2007. 82 s. ISBN 978-80-86684-48-2.  (download pdf in czech)

Research team: Lenka Slavíková