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Elaboration of Case Studies of Projects Financed by Operational Program Employment through the Calls of Local Action Groups

Solution period: 07/31/2018 – 12/30/2019
Contract authority: Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic
Realizator: IREAS centrum
Contact: Petr Fanta (fanta@ireas.cz)

The LEADER approach implemented through Local Action Groups can still be considered an innovative way of local development. Completely new is the use of the OP Employment for financing local development projects. Not all LAGs know how to exploit OP Employment projects. Therefore, 10 case studies on good practice projects were elaborated in the project. The studies serve as an example of good practice and an inspiration for other applicants and LAGs.

Conclusions of the project:

Ten case studies on projects financed by the OP Employment under calls of LAGs were elaborated in this project. The projects were selected by the Ministry of Social Affairs so that they could provide an inspiration for other applicants and LAGs. Each study included a graphic abstract and a PowerPoint presentation.


10 case studies of OP Employment projects financed in the calls of LAGs

Project team:  Petr Fanta (project manager) and other experts: Martin Pělucha, Viktor Květoň, Martin Špaček, Jan Lehejček