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Evaluation of the social and inclusive entrepreneurship support in the Operational programme of Human resources and employment

Solution period: 05/24/2013 – 01/24/2014
Contract authority: Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic
Realizator: IREAS centrum
Contact: Martin Pělucha (pelucha@ireas.cz)

Social entrepreneurship represents a modern phenomenon in the field of entrepreneurship and support to labour market participation of disadvantaged people. This topic is also supported in the Czech Republic by the EU, and therefore this evaluation project focused on a comprehensive evaluation of the experience gained with this support.

The project focused on the evaluation of functioning and existing results of projects supporting social and inclusive entrepreneurship in the Operational Programme Human Resources and Employment (OP HRE) and the Integrated Operational Programme. Partial attention was paid to elaboration of recommendations for the European Social Fund’s (ESF) and the European Regional Development Fund’s (ERDF) next programmes in 2014–2020.

Conclusions of the project:

The evaluation was divided into three evaluation tasks:

  • Evaluation task 1 focused on the analysis of problems and their causes in inclusive and social entrepreneurship. The purpose of the analysis was to identify key problems and challenges of the Czech Republic in this sphere according to planning of public employment policies and social inclusion by public intervention of ESF and ERDF.
  • Evaluation task 2 focused on evaluation of specific support to social entrepreneurship provided by the OP HRE global grant Social Economy (call 30) and by intervention 3.1 c) Investment support to social services providers, employers and other organisations supporting social economy tools in the Integrated Operational Programme.
  • Evaluation task 3 focused on evaluation of OP HRE projects supporting inclusive entrepreneurship. The evaluation analysed the support to start-up businesses of disadvantaged persons on the labour market.


Evaluation of the social and inclusive enterpreneurship support in the Operational Programme Human Resources and Employment  (download pdf in Czech)

Project team: Martin Pělucha (coordinator) and other experts: Viktor Květoň, Petr Fanta, Jana Kouřilová, Emil Machálek