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Production and distribution balance models for selected waste flows compared to proposed instrument mix

Solution period: 07/01/2004 – 12/31/2005
Contract authority: Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
Realizator: IREAS, Institute for structural policy
Registration number: mzp-04.PVR
Contact: Jitka Šeflová (seflova@ireas.cz)

An effective and efficient set of instruments in the waste management? It is possible using production and sale models!

To promote waste prevention and recovery, it is important to propose appropriate instruments, or an appropriate mix of instruments that ensure achievement of set goals with minimum costs and maximum effect. However, in relation to the proposal of the instrument mix, the entire waste management structure should be analyzed first in order to identify the fundamental composition – each individual element and its role in the system, their relations and flows, whether material of financial. The proposed instrument mix then has to not only conform to the set waste management sector, but has to be assessed regarding selected impacts throughout the national economy and effects of other policies.


VLČKOVÁ, Jitka. Modely produkčních a odbytových bilancí pro vybrané toky odpadů v komparaci s navržením nástrojového mixu k podpoře prevence vzniku a materiálového využití odpadů. Praha: IREAS, 2006. 363 s. ISBN 80-86684-37-6.  (download pdf in czech)

SLAVÍK, Jan, VLČKOVÁ, Jitka. Postavení odpadového hospodářství v systému národního hospodářství. Odpady č. 4/2005. str. 22–23.

Research team: Jitka Šeflová, Jan Slavík.