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The World creates in our heads – the development of democratic culture at Prague schools

Solution period: 02/01/2020 – 06/30/2022
Contract authority: Magistrate of the City of Prague
Realizator: ACADEMIA IREAS, o.p.s.
Registration number: CZ.07.4.68/0.0/0.0/19_068/0001433
Contact: Jitka Šeflová (seflova@ireas.cz)

Democracy cannot work on its own. Every citizen should participate actively in the cultivation of democracy. And what is a more suitable place for starting the development of democratic competencies and of democratic culture than a school?

The purpose of this project we have prepared is systemic support to the development of a democratic culture at five schools in Prague. In the project, we will provide education for teachers as well as students and we will also have discussions with the school management. The aim of this project is to create a respectful environment for all in schools and thus to support equal access to education. Among other things, it contributes to reducing the number of children who have to leave the educational system early, especially children with SEN or with a different mother tongue.

Every school participating in this project will be involved in an educational process that will last for one school year. The seminars for teachers are certified and they require involvement of 12–15 teachers for 5 days, 8 hours each day. They focus on development of competences concerning democratic culture and on development of skills concerning cooperation with parents and also cooperation among teachers themselves (active listening, cooperative dialogue, feedback). Seminars for selected students (3 groups of 8–10 students) will be two-day seminars lasting for 6 hours a day and focusing on t development of skills in the areas of democratic culture as well as on personal, social and civic development. Another part of the project consists of methodological materials for teachers, which will help teachers work on topics concerning democratic competences directly when teaching and with involvement of the whole class. All of the topics are connected with the principles of systemic approach, which leads to mutual respect, understanding of diversity and plurality, reflection of one’s behaviour, thinking and values and to an individual responsibility.
Project team: Jitka Šeflová, Michaela Jeřábková