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Unfair competition and other economic factors influencing the efficiency of the provision of public services

Solution period: 01/01/2015 – 12/31/2016
Contract authority: Czech Science Foundation
Partner: Masaryk University, Faculty of Economics and Administration
Registration number: 15-08032S
Contact: Jan Slavík (slavik@ireas.cz)

What kind of factors influence the efficiency of public services in the Czech Republic? What role does unfair competition play? Answers to these questions are prerequisites for efficient public administration and future development of waste services in Czech municipalities.

The decision of the Czech Competition Authority in December 2012 and the far-reaching effects of the financial crisis on the budgetary health of Czech municipalities raise scientific interest in the efficiency of provision of public services in the Czech Republic (especially factors that influence the efficiency). Not only non-economic factors (e.g., political patronage or reputation effects), but also the economic ones are in the centre of this interest (competition rate, ownership, corruption and cartel agreements, economies of scale and density, inter-municipal cooperation). The main goal of this project was to evaluate the significance of economic factors for provision of public services in the Czech Republic, especially waste collection services. The reason is that these services represent an important part of the budgetary expenditures of Czech municipalities (almost 10% of expenditures in municipalities with less than 5000 inhabitants) with a high potential for savings when the provision efficiency increases.


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Research team: Jan Slavík, Kristýna Rybová, Jan Pavel.

Collaborators: Jana Soukupová,  Michal Struk.