Jiřina Jílková

Jiřina Jílková graduated at the University of Rostock, Germany (specialization Agriculture and Agricultural Economics). In 1983, she gained a Ph.D. there. In 1994, she was given the title “prelector” in the field of political economy. From 2004, she is a professor of public policy and administration.

Viktor Květoň

Viktor Květoň works in IREAS as an analyst/evaluator in the field of regional policy and evaluation. He gained experience in the evaluation of public expenditure programs in international and national projects.

Jan Macháč

Jan Macháč works as a manager or aco-investigator of several research projects. He graduated with a Master's degree in Environmental Economics at the University of Economics in Prague, where he currently continues his Ph.D. studies.

Martin Pělucha

Martin Pělucha

Martin Pělucha graduated at the University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of Economics and Public Administration in 2009 and completed his Ph.D. studies in Regional Science and Public Administration. In 2015, he was appointed as an associate professor on the base of successful habilitation procedure in the field of regional and administrative sciences at the University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of Economics. His specialization is focused on evaluation of public expenditure programmes, both, EU cohesion policy and rural development policy.

Jan Slavík

Jan Slavík graduated at the University of Economics in Prague, specialization Public Policy and Public Administration with the focus on Environmental Economics. His long-term interest is in environmental policy instruments and their application within the area of waste management.

Ladislav Sobotka

Ladislav Sobotka holds a degree from the Institute of Economic Studies at Charles University. He focuses on the economics of air quality and policy impact assessment.

Ondřej Vojáček

Ondřej Vojáček currently works as a researcher of several research projects and a university lecturer. He deals especially with the evaluation of the regulatory impact on businesses and the national economy, with the economy of air and water protection, optimization of the implementation of European legislation in the field of environmental and cost-benefit analysis, including an economic evaluation of environmental goods.

Jiří Moravec

Jiří Moravec attended the doctoral programme at the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Sciences.  He managed and participated in various international and domestic research projects that dealt with agricultural and environmental policy evaluation, European Union regulation, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services and water management.