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Water Agent V 003: Environmental education of pupils in the field of water management

Solution period: 06/01/2018 – 10/31/2021
Contract authority: International Visegrad Fund
Realizator: IREAS, Institute for structural policy
Partner: Global Water Partnership (SK) | IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Kft. (HU)
Registration number: 21810017
Contact: Jan Macháč (machac@ireas.cz)

How to raise awareness of pupils about the water management?

Thanks to the Visegrad fund we will do it through a handbook for basic school teachers that will be created by experts from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

This handbook will support teachers in including environmental topics such as water governance into the common educational system. It will be based on experience pedagogy using motivational methods including games, quizzes, experiments, worksheets and other materials for interactive education. Final version should be available for teachers in the school year 2019/2020 in 3 national languages: Czech, Slovak and Hungarian. It will help them to teach tree basic topics: i) water in the landscape, ii) water consumption in households and schools iii) water in the city.

With changes of the climate conditions in the Central Europe there is a need to change behaviour of citizens considering water management and water policy (including changes in water consumption). Unfortunately, society has only low awareness about this topic in general. Therefore implementation of necessary measures faces low support of inhabitants.

Although the basic education curriculum includes topics dealing with environmental education, water management is not covered sufficiently in classical subjects, especially in the context of current challenges. This is the reason why project Water Agent V 003 sets its goal to introduce the issue of water governance to the youngest generations and their families and teachers.

Project outputs are developed by IREAS (Czech Republic) in cooperation with the GWP CEE (Slovakia) and IMRO (Hungary).


MACHÁČ, Jan; JEŘÁBKOVÁ, Michaela (Ed.) 2019. WATER AGENT V 003: Environmentální výchova žáků v oblasti vodního hospodářství. Praha: IREAS, Institut pro strukturální politiku, o. p. s.  (download pdf)

Also available in  Czech ,  Slovak  and  Hungarian .

Web page of the project: www.facebook.com/wateragent

Research team: Jan Macháč, Michaela Jeřábková.