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The teacher in the role of a Creator

Solution period: 10/01/2016 – 06/30/2018
Contract authority: Magistrate of the City of Prague
Realizator: ACADEMIA IREAS, o.p.s.
Registration number: CZ.07.4.6810.010.0115_00510000054
Contact: Klára Kováčová (kovacova@ireas.cz)

“Our teachers must not be like posts near paths that only show where to go, without going anywhere themselves.” The well-known quotation of Jan Amos Komenský summarizes the aims of the project, which was mainly about educators’ work on themselves and the strengthening of competences for working with a heterogeneous class and the challenges it brings.

The project focused on increasing the competences of staff working in education for inclusive, innovative and high-quality teaching and exchange of experience in this field. The aim of the project was to provide methodological support for the introduction of inclusive principles at primary and secondary schools in Prague through further education of teachers (hereinafter referred to as FEoT). FEoT workshops work with teachers’ self-experience and are based on the principle of strengthening the creator’s role. The work and philosophy system offered by FEoT places particular emphasis on working with the teacher, since no instruction and techniques in teaching can replace pedagogical intuition, self-confidence and personal development. Thus, thanks to the adopted principles, the teacher will be able to become one who will not be confused about new unexpected situations that the support of children with the need for supportive measures necessarily entails.

Conclusions of the project:

In participating schools, we wanted to initiate or support a system of change through education that will lead to more satisfied teachers and children so that they all have a chance to succeed thanks to the innovative approach of their teachers.


Methodological aid in the form of cards for teachers – The main things always at hand (download cards in Czech)

Methodological guide – The teacher in the role of a creator (download in Czech)

Board game – Life in a Nutshell

Project team: Klára Kováčová, Michaela Jeřábková, Zdeňka Benešová