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CDC model for school practice

Solution period: 09/01/2018 – 08/31/2019
Contract authority: Magistrate of the City of Prague
Realizator: ACADEMIA IREAS, o.p.s.
Partner: Akademie Tvůrců, z. s.
Registration number: CZ.07.4.68/0.0/0.0/17_058/0000804
Contact: Klára Želechovská (zelechovska@ireas.cz)

It is important for us to have an environment of open diversity at school and that both pupils and teachers are valid citizens. Therefore, in the framework of the project CDC model for school practice, we carry out workshops where teachers work with differences as inspiration and practise preparation of lessons that contain development goals. In the participating schools, we want to initiate or support a system of change through education that will lead to more satisfied teachers and children so that all of them have the chance to succeed thanks to the innovative approach of teachers.

The project deals with the interconnection of work with the CDC competency model (Competencies for Democratic Culture) and the current Czech school legislation. To support the work with the CDC model, it is necessary to have people in school practice who are able to use the competence model to support an inclusive environment and to engage the involved institutions through a process of conscious work to link development goals (competencies) and educational goals so that school attendance leads to pupils acquiring the characteristics and skills required by the framework educational programme, which are both the basis for their good integration into society and their employment on the labour market.

Conclusions of the project:

As part of the project, at least 35 persons was trained as specialists in the field of development of competencies for democratic culture and the following outputs were developed.


Methodological guide for working with the competence model. (download pdf in Czech)

Methodological manual for working with story and externalization in support of inclusion, focusing on working with the inner Tiger according to the Kops method.  (download pdf in Czech)

A proposal for the progressive development of CDC-based sub-competencies and skills in line with the Lisbon process. (download pdf in Czech)

Worksheets focusing on individual communication types according to the Kops method.  (download pdf in Czech)

Educational materials for training.

Project team: Vítězslav Malý, Klára Želechovská