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Pělucha, Martin

If you are interested in evaluation and fisheries, you can read the final report on continuous evaluation of the OP Fisheries implemented in the programming period 2014-2020. It includes context analyses and broader context affecting aquaculture in the Czech Republic.

PĚLUCHA, Martin (koordinátor)

If you are enthusiastic about social and inclusive enterprise, you might be interested in the key conclusions of our assessment study focused in this in the context of experience in 2007-2013. A specific factor for the assessment was our experimental approach applied in the form of the CoPIE method, primarily designed for assessing the degree of enterprise development at the regional level and tested in various EU countries and regions. The project outcomes were also used for adjustment of conditions of support to social and inclusive enterprise in 2014-2020.

PĚLUCHA, Martin (koordinátor)

Application of various assessment methods is currently a fundamental problem in terms of how to make up and verify the mix. The outcome of this project is a loose sequel to the assessment of support to education in companies under the European Social Fund in the period 2007-2013, which was analysed in depth using hard statistical data and the counterfactual assessment method. The commission by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs follows up on conclusions from hard data analysis in an effort to acquire a wider perspective of contextual issues in selected supported companies. The primary outcome was an application of so-called qualitative comparative analysis, which is suitable for this assessment scope. The conclusions and outcomes of this project are interesting especially for policy-makers and assessment-makers dealing with applying mixes of assessment methods.

Technical report available here.

PĚLUCHA, Martin (koordinátor)

If you deal with fisheries in the Czech Republic, you might be interested in our study, which became a foundation for the Multiannual National Strategic Plan for Aquaculture. Its main outcomes have been presented at various meetings with fishery representatives and other practical professionals. Our assessment of the starting points and qualified forecast of further development were used by the Ministry of Agriculture when drafting the Operational Programme Fisheries 2014-2020 and setting values of some contextual monitoring indicators.

POTLUKA, Oto et al.

The book studies the present rootedness of local political representatives in the civil society measured by their membership and leadership in civil society organizations in all four Visegrad countries. Authors are also interested in engagement of activists from the civil society in an institutionalized political life, i.e. political parties and political movements.

POTLUKA, Oto a kolektiv

This assessment, implemented by a consortium of IREAS, Tima Liberec and Centrum pro komunitní práci, dealt primarily with the Operational Programme Human Resources and Employment. The partnership concerned particularly the Programme priority axes 3 (Social Integration and Equal Opportunities) and 5 (International Cooperation; the applicant was required to have an international partner in this priority axis). The purpose was to assess implementation of the partnership principle in project practice and provision of practical recommendations and tips for development of calls, evaluation of applications and administration of projects based on the partnership principle. The assessment was divided into three categories: (1) assessment of application of the partnership principle in OPLZZ projects, (2) assessment of contribution of the partnership principle to achieving goals of PLZZ and horizontal topics, (3) analysis, comparison and assessment of the institutional, legal and financial framework of the partnership principle in practice in the CR and selected EU member states.